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Urgent Care and Emergency Services


Urgent Care Centers in Santa Barbara

Sansum Clinic Urgent Care Center
51 Hitchcock Way
Santa Barbara, Ca 93105
Santa Barbara Health Care Center
345 Camino del Remedio
Santa Barbara, Ca 93105

In case of Emergency

If you are in a situation where your medical provider advised you to see emergency care for or you feel the problem could be life threatening, you should go to the Emergency Room.
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Pueblo and Bath St.

Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital
351 S Patterson Ave,
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Calling 911

In an emergency, call 911. An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department, or an ambulance. A medical emergency such as someone is unconscious, gasping for air, not breathing, having an allergic reaction, having chest pain, bleeding uncontrollably, or other symptoms that you have been advised are emergencies. If you are unsure whether the situation is a true emergency, medical experts recommend calling 911 and letting the trained personnel who you call to advise you.