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American Indian Health & Services is here to get you vaccinated, boosted, and to test you for COVID-19. Set up your appointment today at (805) 681-7144

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Did you know less than 20% of eligible Santa Barbara residents have received the latest version of the COVID-19 vaccine booster? 

  • During the peak of the Omicron surge, people ages 50 and older were hospitalized with COVID at twice the rate of younger adults, and those ages 65 and older were hospitalized with COVID at 4 times the rate of younger adults.
  • Nine out of 10 people who have died from COVID in the United States have been ages 50 or older and three out of four have been 65 or older.
  • Even though many children have had mild cases of COVID, you can’t predict how COVID will affect your child—even if they are completely healthy. The best protection is vaccination.
  • Decades of research on dozens of vaccines have demonstrated that side effects usually show up within six weeks of vaccination. COVID vaccines have been studied and tested for almost 2 years in tens of thousands of adults and children, and serious side effects are very rare.
  • The vaccine offers the best protection available for your child from severe illness or death if they get COVID.

To stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters, click the link below.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: COVID-19 Update

American Indian Health & Services, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ali Javanbakht speaks on the importance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at a recent press conference with Congressman, Salud Carbajal and three other Central Coast partners who also received federal funding with a goal of increasing COVID-19 bivalent booster rates. – December 2022.  

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