Community Wellness and Outreach

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Meet our Community Wellness and Outreach Department


Jessica Foster (Snohomish, Lummi, Haida)
Community Wellness Manager
Jessica has been working at American Indian Health & Services since 2016, developing and managing grant-funded programs and projects that promote wellness through community and cultural connectedness. Jessica has been leading the Community Wellness Department since 2018 and is proud to work with a dedicated and gifted team of individuals committed to addressing the needs of the community. Originally from rural Snohomish County Washington, Jessica has lived on the Central Coast of California since 2007 and is grateful to call Santa Barbara, the land of the Chumash peoples, home. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening, hiking, camping, backpacking, and adventuring with her fiancé and their dog, Ozzy. She also enjoys reading in hammocks and the occasional Netflix binge.


Kiana Cates (Diné)
Communications Coordinator
Kiana is the Communications Coordinator for the Community Wellness Department and has been working at AIH&S since 2018. In her role, she leads collaborative efforts related to ongoing and emergent departmental and organizational programs, projects, and events. Kiana is the lead behind the Native Sun Newsletter, AIH&S Facebook Page, and other Community Wellness promotional materials.


Manuel Luna (Wukchumni, Chiricahua Apache)
Community Programs Coordinator
Manny has been working at AIH&S since 2018. As Community Programs Coordinator, he coordinates grant-funded programs that connect culture to health and wellness, through culturally-grounded activities, such as beading, weaving, basketry, traditional arts, gardening, and traditional foods.


Gary Lytle (Diné)
Traditional Foods Specialist
Gary has been associated with AIH&S since 2019 and has been the Traditional Foods Specialist since February 2020. Gary supports the implementation of culturally responsive teachings and practices about traditional healthy foods for the promotion of health, sustenance, and sustainability in Community Wellness programs and activities.


Joe Quiroga (Yaqui)
Outreach Specialist
Joe is a native to Santa Barbara, and has been associated with AIH&S since 2000. He majored in Political Science at UCSB. At AIH&S he currently specializes in outreach services for programs such as Dental and Diabetes.