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The AIHS Board of Directors and its members are the fiduciaries of the healthcare center with the collective authority to govern decisions of management and oversee the performance of AIHS. The AIHS community clinic is not affiliated with, nor does it receive funding from, any tribe or tribal enterprise such as a casino. As such, the AIHS Board is independent and the sole governing body of AIHS. Its composition reflects the goals set forth by the Health Services Act and the Indian Health Care Improvement Act to maintain a board that consists of community members that are knowledgeable of the issues affecting both the Native and non-Native communities that AIHS serves in Santa Barbara. Further, the Directors of the AIHS community clinic draw from a range of experience in the fields of medicine, science, law, community health, Native culture and finance.

Our Amazing and Dedicated Team

The continued success of ClearPathGPS and its customers would not be possible without the dedication and focus of our entire team – from development to operations, customer support, and sales. 

We are proud of the customer-centric culture we have created here at ClearPathGPS, led by our highly energized, agile management team.

Chris Fowler

Chris Fowler

Founder & CEO


Chris has been immersed in building technology solutions and scaling operations and service delivery teams for 20+ years. Passionate and focused on delivering fleet management solutions that delight our customers, prior to starting ClearPathGPS, Chris held executive positions at notable fast-growth organizations such as including Sonos, Openwave Systems,

steve wells 1

Steve Wells

Founder & CRO


Steve is no stranger to the world of technology and fleet software solutions, with a rich history of revenue focused roles for 20+ years. Relentless in driving ClearPathGPS growth through business data intelligence and strong customer relationships, Steve has also held executive roles with notable software companies including, Advent Software, and Citrix.

paul daniel 1

Paul Daniel



Paul’s finance and operational experience spans 25+ years, with key roles in both start-up and well-established organizations. Paul has a great acumen for helping businesses get a clear picture of their businesses and building metrics for driving continuous improvement.

zach little

Zach Little

VP of Software Engineering


Passionate about technology, Zach’s diverse 20+ years experience includes senior roles within Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, High Tech, International, and Government industries. Zach leads ClearPathGPS’s focus on continuous innovation and improvement of our solution offerings.

danielle russell

Danielle Russell

Sr. Director of Product Management


Danielle brings a wealth of product and industry experience to her role at ClearPathGPS. Focused on growing the value of our solutions to our fast growing customer base, Danielle continues to provide both the vision and the path to continuous product innovation.

kelsey jones

Kelsey Jones

Sr. Director of Customer Success


Passionate about the success of ClearPathGPS customers, Kelsey brings a wealth of experience to her role from Software and service businesses alike. Kelsey’s strategic and tactical approach to her role is ensuring her team is meeting the needs of our customers.

Nathan Jones

Nathan Camp

Director of Sales


Nathan is an experienced technology sales leader and team member with extensive hands-on expertise in direct and channel program development and execution. Nathan’s consultative and collaborative approach helps drive the success here at ClearPathGPS!

Jill Bender

Jill Bender

Director of Marketing


Jill brings over 20+ years marketing experience in the software industry to her role at ClearPathGPS. Focused on building market awareness and sharing the results customers achieve with our technology, Jill’s results-driven initiatives span across the operations.

Alex Welch

Alex Welch

Sr. Operations Manager


Experienced operations professional, Alex oversees the growth and continuous improvement of the ClearPathGPS operations and support team. His relentless focus and success in ensuring our customers are taken care of is evident by the top-rated customer reviews we receive everyday!