Efficiently prepare patient operatories, charts, and chair side assist in professional manner. Provide quality care and services to patients by assisting dentists and other staff in clinic flow through variety of patient care, office tasks, and laboratory duties.


1) Duties with general supervision:

a. Mouth mirror inspection of oral cavity, to include charting of obvious lesions, existing restorations and missing teeth

b. Placement and removal of temporary sedative dressings

2) Duties with direct supervision:

a. Obtain endodontic cultures

b. Dry canals, previously opened by the supervising dentist, with absorbent points

c. Test pulp vitality

d. Place bases and liners on sound dentin

e. Remove excess cement from gingival surfaces of teeth with a hand instrument or floss

f. Size stainless steel crowns, bands and fabrication of temporary crowns

g. Temporary cementation and removal of orthodontics bands

h. Placement of orthodontic separators

i. Placements and ligation of arch wires

j. Placement of post-extraction periodontal dressing

k. Adjust dentures extraorally.

l. Coronal polishing if certified by the state

m. Removal of excess cement from coronal surfaces of teeth by ultrasonic means (if certified by the state)

n. Sealant placement, if certified by the state


1. Ensure all patients enjoy a positive experience, and are treated with care and compassion.

2. Ensure all patient records and related documents are managed and maintained timely, accurately, and consistently with all HIPAA and related requirements.

3. Ensure all patient services and billing information is collected and submitted timely and accurately.

4. Ensure all tasks provided and associated with patient care, patient administrative processes, and related duties comply with all regulatory and accreditation standards, as well as clinic policies and procedures.

5. Develop favorable relationships with all patients. Instruct patients and their family members on general oral health care and/ or information related to post- treatment care as appropriate, in a friendly and professional manner.

6. Develop and establish favorable working relationships with all staff members associated with clinic operations, including Patient Services Reps (PSR), dental hygienists, dentists, and related staff.

7. Uphold and consistently represent the values and mission of the organization at all times. Represent the organization in a highly professional manner at all times.

8. Ensure compliance and attention to all corporate policies and procedures.

9. Prepare and maintain dental instruments, materials and equipment.

10. Collect and record patient health histories (dental and medical) and record information for dentist’s reference prior to examination.

11. Help patients feel comfortable before, during, and after dental treatment.

12. Take diagnostic radiographs.

13. Assist dentist chair-side by organizing and preparing instruments for dentist’s use and assisting as needed during procedures.

14. Advise patients in oral hygiene and dental care.

15. Follow through with post-visit duties.

16. Provide relief and support to patient service functions and perform office duties as requested.

17. Interact positively with a diverse, sometimes difficult, and demanding patient population. Provide service in a manner that is appropriate for the patient’s age; demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to meet the patient’s physical, psychosocial, educational, and safety needs.

18. Demonstrate commitment to the mission of the organization in promoting dental health.

19. Read, write, and maintain patient records and related administrative documentation.

20. Utilize systems, technology and equipment in the collection of patient data, records management and collections.

21. Demonstrate knowledge and the ability to expand knowledge of dental procedures, clinic infection control procedures, cleaning and sterilization of instruments, tray setup and materials.



1. High school diploma or equivalent.

2. Successful completion of a dental assistant licensing or registration program as may be required by the state.

3. Radiation safety certification or successful completion of a radiation safety course.

4. 8 hour infection control

5. CPR certification

6. Certification in office practice or enrollment in such a program is desired.

7. Certificates

Coronal polish
Sealant placement
Ultrasonic scaling


1. Demonstrate success with clear thinking and ability to reorganize as needed.

2. Demonstrate success in working independently, prioritization and problem solving.

3. Demonstrate success in organization abilities.

4. Demonstrate success in computer skills including ability to use computer for scheduling, word documents and reasonable keyboard skills.

5. Demonstrate success in customer service/ patient services or working with the general public, preferably in a medical or dental care facility.

6. Demonstrate success in managing difficult customer situations.

7. Knowledge of dental practices and procedures.

8. Demonstrated success and experience with direct patient services and the proper knowledge and use of dental care devices and equipment.

Employment Type: full-time

Compensation: starting at 20$/hr

Once you have completed the online application, please download this AIHS Job Application, fill it out and mail or deliver to: 4141 State Street, Santa Barbara , California. Thank you.

Job Category: Dental
Job Type: Full Time

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