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Board of Directors

The American Indian Health & Services (AIHS) Board of Directors and its members are the fiduciaries of the healthcare center with the collective authority to govern decisions of management and oversee the performance of AIHS. The AIHS community clinic is not affiliated with, nor does it receive funding from, any tribe or tribal enterprise such as a casino. As such, the AIHS Board is independent and the sole governing body of AIHS. Its composition reflects the goals set forth by the Health Services Act and the Indian Health Care Improvement Act to maintain a board that consists of community members that are knowledgeable of the issues affecting both the Native and non-Native communities that AIHS serves in Santa Barbara. Further, the Directors of the AIHS community clinic draw from a range of experience in the fields of medicine, science, law, community health, Native culture and finance.




American Indian Health & Services welcomes all Santa Barbara community members who wish to advance our community’s health to apply for its Board of Directors. If you have an interest in serving, please contact the Board Chairperson at (805) 681-7356